Students' Reviews

Have a look at what our Trainees have to say about their experience during training with Providence.

The course has been glorious. The depth of information, the way it was organized, and the forum have been outstanding. Your teaching, coaching, and interaction has been stellar. I have felt your presence throughout the course. You care - About the quality of the course; About your students. It's rare to come across an individual with your integrity. The effect that the course has already had on me is significant. It changed my feelings about software engineering. It changed my feelings about myself as an engineer and much more.
Vanisha Iyer, Oracle
I learned more about Java in one week than I did in a whole semester at university!!!
Amrita Sundaram, Amdocs
The course actually changed my life. Yeah, I know those are big words, but it's true. I think it was lesson 4 or 5 that made me realize what I'm really about, and it all started to fall into place.
None of this would have happened without you. Thank you.
Anirudh Bhargava, Google
I'm writing to say thank you so much for everything I've learned from you. Already, thanks to Mr. Naresh Seth alone, I'm developing better softwares — from web portals to mobile apps. And I'm developing them faster and easier. But most importantly, I'm working with more confidence and fun that even my clients can sense. Needless to say, this has helped boost my software development skills a lot.
Shradhha Kewlani, Bank of America
I have enjoyed the course, and have been impressed by the content and the enthusiasm. I have a lot of programming experience, but what I wanted from this course was a look into a new generation of development, one that isn't familiar to me. I believe I got it. Now, to have it make an effect. I love the challenge. Mostly I want to say a big thank you. You're terrific, your teaching is great, and I salute what you are doing.
Kartik Yadav, IBM
This month I submitted a research paper to my manager & got more comments and responses than any any thing I've ever done before – in 3 years of software development. It's solely due to everything I've absorbed from Mr Naresh Seth. I'm devouring all the lessons and putting them into practice… and it's paying off!
Devika Sehgal, TCS
This is really freaking cool. I'm starting to feel calm and relaxed about my Java. That feeling of panic is fading and is being replaced with confidence. Best thing about this whole process is that is makes the software Development process simple, fun and organized. I feel like a personal organizer walked into my brain and whipped everything into shape.
Abhishek Dagur, Capgemini
Just wanted to express how happy I am with all the lessons so far. I'm learning a ton from this useful material. I feel a lot more clear on my passion, and I can now picture myself in my mind which helps me tremendously when I think about technologies to know and things to develop.
Pallavi Jesrani, Hewlett-Packard
Your words. lessons and articles made the "light bulb" go off and enable me to get my mind in gear and I have finally started to JUST DO IT. I've sorted out what sort of work I want to do and am working away – a little bit every day – toward making my future in software development.
Ramanathan Venkatesh, SAP
Mr. Naresh Seth is exceptionally knowledgeable and entertaining!!!
Soumya Anand, Microsoft
Never thought Java would be so much fun and interesting to work with.
Aarti Diwan, VMware
My instructor was fantastic. First of all, he has a great presence and voice that kept my attention undiverted during the entire course. Secondly, his knowledge is vast, and I knew I was learning from an expert. He convinced me of the importance of what I was learning and also gave me the tools I needed to continue building upon these skills after the class. I feel more confident that I can learn and figure out what I need in this rapidly changing world of technology. I also appreciated the step by step lecture and lab information in the course books. Very helpful for confidence building. Thank you
Namit Wadhwa, Citibank
I highly recommend Mr. Seth. He knows the material and how to present it. The class is paced well and the participants motivated by useful hands-on exercises and appropriate prodding and humor.
Samriti Gauba, SingTel
Our trainer is engaging, professional and a fount of relevant knowledge as it relates to real world corporate software development.
Nischay Bali, Samsung
I gained a lot of practical skills in a short amount of time. This course provided plenty of opportunity for me to apply what was being taught so that by the time it was over I was confident and ready to start using Java for professional purposes.
Dhruvi Sekar, CSC
The flexibility, kindness, and knowledge of the instructor were top notch.
Shubham Khaitan, Amazon
I liked the approach of presenting concepts supported by sample implementations.
Sonam Aneja, OnMobile
The instructor is excellent. He is knowledgeable not only with the Java Platform but also many other areas of Software Development and Technology products. He adjusts the schedule as we need more time to cover materials.
Divay Khadilkar, Accenture
Presenter was very good. Clear in his presentation, easy to ask questions of, and always willing to go the extra yards.
Tulika Dubey, Dassault Systems
The course and the material covered was very useful. The exercises and the accompanying printed material were clear and concise. The best part, though, was our instructor. He was knowledgeable, sensitive to our needs and various skill levels, charismatic, and explained things very well. He even took the time to examine some code we had written previously, and provide some programming suggestions on a project our college computer science department is currently working on. Excellent.
Vivek Bhatt, CISCO
"Clear sequential instructions and explanations with guided learning exercises create a well thought out and beneficial course."
Mitali Kaushik, Aricent
Our instructor was excellent, class was well paced and very informative. The good use of time kept us on track while still being able to answer individual questions, needs or concerns.
Bharat Dogra, AT&T

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