Technologies and Platforms

Providence offers its clients, Business & Technology Solutions and Services in wide spectrum of industry resident technologies, tools, platforms and frameworks to assist them achieve their objectives.

Our research intensive approach ensures our readiness and agility in adopting incubatory technologies and depoying them to extract early mover advantage, for our clients as well as ourselves.

Technologies and Platforms we work on
Browse through our technology capabilities and discover a reliable partner for your enterprise needs:

  • Java - JEE
    Java EE extends the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), providing an API for fault-tolerance, object-relational mapping, distributed and multi-tier architectures, and web services. more >

  • Microsoft
    From Microsoft .NET and SQL Server to a cloud-ready information platform - Windows Azure, Microsoft helps organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organization and quickly build solutions... more >

  • Oracle
    Our cluster of Oracle developed tools and platforms enables clients to peep into their ever accumulating data, churn out some measurable insights and take informed decisions. more >

  • Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing changes the way business and IT interact at a strategic level: IT's role must shift dramatically and quickly lest the business move forward without it. more >

  • LAMP
    The software combination has become popular because it is free of cost, open-source and therefore easily adaptable and because of the ubiquity of its components which are bundled with most current Linux distributions. more >

  • SOA
    SharePoint is designed as a central application platform for common enterprise web requirements. Its multi-purpose design allows for management, scaling, and provisioning of a broad variety of business applications. more >

  • Mobile Platforms
    Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) , Netbooks, Internet Tablets, Smart phones and Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) maybe just buzzwords today, but they are without doubt the devices of the future. more >

  • Content Management Systems
    With Content Management Systems such a hot and sought-after commodity in the light weight IT application space, this segment is very mature with niche boutiques like Wordpress and industry bigwigs like Microsoft. more >

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