Big Data & Analytics

Today's business has more data than ever. Hidden in this is the information that can set your business apart. Our Business Analytics & Big Data practice will help you turn shapeless data into actionable insights.

Business Challenges
Organizations face ever-increasing customer expectations – customers who expect the "service that's right for me". However, these demanding social consumers are demonstrating greater willingness to embrace innovative products, services, channels, and ways of engaging with suppliers and each other.

The challenge is to determine the most effective ways to treat and interact with individual customers. To do this requires a truly customer-centric view that can only be achieved with a well-informed and intelligent understanding of the customer.

  • Making your customer interactions more effective and mutually beneficial
  • Shortage of skilled analysts
  • Growing volumes of organizational data and the ability to leverage it effectively in less time and with more certainty
  • Absence of consistent master data, enterprise information and systems to manage the same
  • Ineffective business process/performance/predictability management
  • Uncertainty and hence, degradation in the quality of service
  • Lack of optimization in resource utilization

Challenge is not the growing volume of information, but how to analyze and act on it in real-time.

Our Solutions
Consistency hinges on the ability to gain insights from data—insights that organizations need to make better decisions, faster. From strategy to execution, we work with organizations in diverse domains to develop the analytic capabilities required to outperform the competition.

Highlights of our Analytics Practice:

  • Analytics Strategy Design: data analysis to optimize operational performance, and strategy design to improve in-house capabilities
  • Analytics Proof-of-Concept: prototype analytical models to support business operations and define detailed requirements and design
  • Analytical Model Build and Deployment: analytical models and implementation of interfaces to operational systems
  • Analytical Operational Support: support for existing analytical model deployments and in-house analytical operations With Business Analytics
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling: Optimize your operations, workforce and service levels for improved efficiency and reduced carbon footprint and cost

Our Analytics Practice brings the technology, process, and people you need to gain better insight within and across your business processes. We have developed solutions that are aligned with the executive agenda to ensure the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right context.

Our solutions use a flexible, multi-purpose technology platform that converts multiple sources of unstructured data into one structured view. Advanced audit and analytics tools are then applied by our centralized team of skilled analysts to interpret the data and provide relevant insights to key stakeholders.

Value For Clients
Our custom tailored approach will help you with the following:

  • Better insights for decision making
  • Better performance of your business processes
  • Gain true insights into your customers, business processes and operations
  • Predict the future and organize accordingly
  • Understand any anticipated risks

Big data analytics offers you new opportunities for insight and business change. By understanding patterns in structured and unstructured data, we provide insights that directly improve your business outcomes and set your business apart.

As more data becomes available so the opportunities for it to bring new insights and better decisions become boundless. You can now achieve real change in business outcomes, through better marketing performance, customer intimacy, reduced fraud, improved basket mix or lower operating costs.

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