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In today's business environment, standing tall in relentless competition requires a platform of increasingly complex and wired technology solutions plugged into the organization's core - often spanning multiple geographies. Organizations must explore emerging opportunities by agressively adopting nascent technologies, web solutions & cloud resident services.

Business Challenges
Amid uncertain business environment, most organizations are slashing costs and the most severe blows are felt by the IT units as they cannot innovate without sustained investments. This is where the already crumbling IT infrastructure starts to falter and eventually shudders are felt in the bottom-line and business retention, not just growth.

Major issues rusting an organization's IT approach:

  • Lack of well defined in-house IT teams
  • Outdated skill sets
  • Out of touch with incubating technologies
  • Out of sync with organization's core competency
  • Absence of attitude of deliverability

Our Solutions
We offer a complete bouquet of Application Services to our clients. Using our services ranging from development to value management, organizations can add value to their ageing application portfolios. Our services liberate you to invest more strategically in core business activities while improving return on investment and visbility from constrained IT spending.

Our Application Service practice includes:

  • Application Development
    Take new solutions to market faster, with less risk and at lower cost, thanks to Providence's industry-benchmarked, highly industrialized approach to application development. more >

  • Application Maintenance
    Adopt a cradle-to-grave, value-driven approach to your application lifecycle. Providence's Application Lifecycle Services are driven by a continuous improvement and rationalization methodology, and deliver improved productivity, flexibility and business impact. more >

  • Application Management & Support
    Forget simply 'keeping the lights on for less' – embrace an approach that is committed to the continuous improvement of your application landscape and helping you extract maximum business and IT value from your existing and future investments. more >

  • Application Modernization & Re-engineering
    Extract additional value from investment in legacy applications and preserve precious intellectual property with Providence's Legacy Modernization. Modernize at a pace that suits you … and without the need for major upfront investments. more >

Value For Clients
Customers choosing us to serve their Application requirements gain immensely from our expertise:

  • You gain consulting and delivery expertise in legacy management.
  • Your systems integration is done inclusively.
  • Your resources get unlocked.
  • You can focus more towards business innovation and expansion into newer markets.
  • You witness overall reduction in costs.
  • Our application maintenance services can help you balance cost, complexity and capacity.
  • Reduction in cost of ownership, boost in service levels, emergence of new operational efficiencies.
  • Superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and measurable competetive advantage.

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